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Hiring, Compensation & Benefits Survey Report 2024

Hiring, Compensation & Benefits Report 2024

With economic uncertainties across the globe, employers in Hong Kong remain cautious in recruiting new talent in 2024. They have focused on retaining talent instead. This year, 11% more employers have improved the compensation and benefits of their workforce. As always, the JobsDB Hong Kong C&B Report has the definitive guide to show you the way:

  • Hiring plans and market expectations in 2024

  • Salaries and predicted adjustments

  • Structure of bonus and other benefits

This year, we’ve provided additional insights on job market trends on:

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Every HR must know in 2024

1. Hiring plans and market expectations

The surveyed employers remains reserved about the employment market in 2024 with 42% of them perceiving the employment market in Q1 2024 remaining the same as 2023.​

Hiring plans show that a majority of employers (57%) are more inclined to maintain the current headcount, while 30% of employers plan to increase headcount, recording a rise of 4% compared to last year.

2. Payscale adjustment forecast

Overall salary adjustment prediction in 2024 is +2.2% (+0.6% vs 2023).

3. Bonus

62% of the surveyed employers provided performance bonuses in the past 12 months, and frontline staff reflects the highest increment in the prediction of bonuses in 2024 compared to this year.

4. Recruitment difficulty and talent retention

69% of the surveyed companies express recruitment difficulty as compared to five years ago. More companies (+11%) are using improved benefits to retain talents apart from pay rais compared to previous year.

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