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Hiring, Compensation & Benefits Survey Report 2021

Hiring, Compensation & Benefits Report 2021

In this year’s game-changing employment landscape, are you searching for the latest data and hiring trend to refine your 2021 HR planning?

Although salary is the crucial factor for all job seekers looking elsewhere for career opportunities, according to Laws of Attraction, what else of information should you be awared?

If so, this is the definitive guide for you to know:

  • 2021 Hiring intention, market expectation and plans

  • Salary and predicted adjustment

  • Bonus and other benefits structure


Every HR must know in 2021

Hiring plans and market expectations

Almost half of the hirers predicted that employment will be less active in 2021. Hiring plan shows a contraction trend from last year.

Overview of employment market related to COVID-19 recovery

In addition, 64% of the hirers predicted that employment status will be recovered before Covid-19 within 2021.

Pay scale adjustment forecast

Overall salary adjustment prediction in 2021 is +0.8%.

What about Bonus?

55% of the surveyed hirers provided performance bonus this year, a substantial drop from 72% in the previous year!

72% of organisations support work-from-home and 79% provide related measures for their employees.


provide laptops or other office equipment.


provide remote access to in-house server.


provide IT support.


provide allowance for internet / VPN / mobile services to use at home.


provide courier services for document delivery.


provide cash allowance for purchasing gadgets for work from home.

In fact, 41% employer reflected that WFH policy sustains or increases the productivity of their organisation.

Employer impose following control/monitoring measures on staff performance since implementing the work-from-home policy.


require employees to respond to emails / WhatsApp messages/phone calls within a specified time frame.


require employees to show up at online meetings.


have regular surprise checks by supervisors (via phone calls or WhatsApp messages).


require employees to have regular meetings on a daily basis.


require employees to submit daily reports for each task.


progress checks by requiring employees to complete timesheets.

In response to the pandemic and sociopolitical challenges, companies responded that they performed / are going to have some digital solutions to achieve their HR practices.

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