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The Hong Kong HR Awards 2023/24

The FUTURE of HR: HRTech & Sustainability

JobsDB – The Hong Kong HR Awards is back for its 3rd edition this year!

The Awards is now recognised as one of the premier HR events in Hong Kong, dedicated to celebrating the exceptional & inspirational accomplishments of organisations & individuals who have pushed the boundaries of people strategy.

Award Categories


This Award recognises organisation that prioritize diversity & recognise the value of an inclusive workplace for both individuals & the organisation, how to create a culture where people are respected, appreciated & feel included.

This Award recognises organisation that has a comprehensive ESG approach & implementations into its HR practices. This is done by the meaningful changes in organisational culture & significant influence of the employee involvement in the ESG initiatives.

This award recognises organisation with outstanding branding and reputation that attract candidates.

This Award recognises organisation that value the importance of nurturing the future generation.  Throughout the integration of innovative HR initiatives and sustainable community initiatives, the younger generation will be able to know more about the industry and hence ultimately achieve the goal of attract and engage quality young talents.


This award recognises an organisation that embraces technologies, data analytics / informatics or digital solutions to help drive better efficiency, productivity, and performance of the HR department and the organisation. The scope of the entry can include the implementation of HR software, AI systems, online training, etc.

This Award recognises organisation who have adopted digital technology to change operational HR & business processes to become automated & data driven. It helps improve communication, collaboration, & access to data analytics of a diverse workforce.

This Award recognises organisation that adopt innovative and/or tech-driven HR initiatives to provide solutions to problems or challenges faced, and how it was communicated to the workplace for effective implementation with positive impact.

This Award recognises organisation with outstanding performance by collecting data and applying data-driven insights to improve hiring decisions, workforce processes, and the employee experience.

This Award recognizes an organisation with outstanding performance by using AI technologies and processes that support a more adaptive, flexible and fluid workforce, in order to meet their business needs and strategic goals.


This Award recognises the best talent’s attraction campaign that carried out in GBA for the Hong Kong market and has demonstrated excellence & innovation in terms of design, execution & hiring impact.

This Award recognises the creativity & effectiveness in formulating & delivering a graduate trainee recruitment campaign that has helped the company achieve its business objectives.

This Award recognises the most creative & effective approach in sourcing for candidates through identifying, attracting, assessing & selecting the right candidates, in response to the changes in organizational talent needs & external market conditions.

This Award recognizes institute or organisation who develop young talent, by providing diversified and challenging early career development programs to graduates.


This Award recognises organisation that have adopted a holistic approach to employee engagement & demonstrated agility in fulfilling the changing needs of their employees at all levels as well as ensuring alignment with wider business objectives.

This Award recognises organisation that have implemented employee-centric initiatives to improve their employees’ working experience, to motivate performance by connecting individuals career goals with company goals.

This Award recognises outstanding training & development initiatives, programs &/or strategies that have been implemented by an organisation to develop its current talents & to effectively equip them to achieve the organization’s strategic objectives.

This Award recognizes an organisation for their significant contribution to the sustainability of talent development practices of their organisation, as well as the business community.​

This Award recognises organisations with outstanding performance in recruiting, developing and retaining high potential talents across functions, effective internal collaborations as well as recognition to employees who achieve operation/business needs & strategic goals.

This Award recognises organisation that created effective employee recognition programs to attract and retain top talent, and ensure that employees feel valued, appreciated, and motivated to enhance the organisational culture.


This Award recognises the excellent strategic launch or repositioning of employer brand. This is done by the meaningful changes in organisational culture and/or outstanding HR initiatives as well as reputation that attract candidates.

This Award recognises organisation’s initiatives to build a coaching & mentoring culture; bringing out the best in their people around & drive development, retention & efficiency in the workforce through effective coaching & mentoring strategies.

This Award recognises excellence in an organisation’s ability to set a compelling vision and plan, implement, and manage changes in the people aspect of a major organisational programme.

This Award recognizes organisation’s initiatives to implement structured and intellectually stimulating graduate development programmes which set the trainees on a rewarding path of accelerated career development and progression.


This award recognizes outstanding strategies and initiatives that promote and embed well-being of the workforce, achieving higher level employee happiness and fulfillment and practicing work safe behavior in their workplace that has impacted the overall business performance.​

This Award recognizes organization who have created a safe, flexible, collaborative & empowering hybrid workplace that accommodates both the employee, employer & maintains the company culture.

This Award recognizes organization that have successfully managed their remote workforce, including gig workers, through their work-from-home and flexible working arrangements pre, post and during the pandemic.

This Award recognises individuals and teams who have proactively role modeled inclusive and respectful behaviors in their workplace.

This Award recognises the most creative, innovative and effective wellness programme of the organisation that covers all aspects of physical, mental and emotional health for employees.

"Recruitment Firm"

This award recognises recruitment firms (company size >= 15 people) with creativity, effectiveness, market insight & innovation in providing outstanding service to clients.

This award recognises recruitment firms (company size < 15 people) with creativity, effectiveness, market insight & innovation in providing outstanding service to clients.

This award recognises recruitment firms with outstanding performance in specialised fields, the entrants demonstrated top-notch creativity and innovation and the application of market insights to provide the best service of specialized field to clients.

"Team & Individual"

This award recognises HR teams has successfully implemented a new project, innovation, strategy or initiative not more than twelve calendar months ago that contributed to the growth of the company.

This award recognises HR individuals who have improved HR practices with innovative ideas. It aims to position the HR function as an effective strategic business partner that contributes to the success & achievement of the organization’s business strategy & goals.

This award recognises the HR Teams from NGO sector with creativity, effectiveness, market insight & innovation in providing outstanding service to organisations.

"Special Award"

This award recognises the finalists from all the award categories that have contributed to the continued growth of the organisation. The criteria and scoring will base on S.M.A.R.T. objective of management.

This award recognises the best employers in Hong Kong. The winners will be 100% determined by a unique blending of the votes of employees & the general public. Nominees in this category are composed of the finalists from all the award categories.

This award recognises the most popular employers in Hong Kong. The winners will be 100% determined by total job application numbers of top 10 industry via JobsDB Hong Kong portal within the eligibility period.

Judging Process and Criteria

Stage 1: Screening by JobsDB

The committee will conduct first round completeness check of all submissions.

Stage 2: Scoring by judging panel and the general public

A panel of judges comprising HR directors & industry leaders will review the submissions & provide a score. Parallelly, 30% will be determined by the votes of the general public.

  • Judging Panel

A panel of judges comprising HR directors & industry leaders will review the submissions & provide a score.

  • 10% Objective Setting  

  • 40% Design & Implementation 

  • 30% Measurement & Outcomes 

  • 20% Creativity & Innovation

  • General Public

  • Each JobsDB member has one vote for each category.

Remarks: The winners of “Employer of the year” will be 100% determined by a unique blending of the votes of employees & the general public; The winners of “Most Engaging Employer” will be 100% determined by total job application numbers via JobsDB portal within the eligibility period.

Stage 3: Result Announcement

HR Specialisations

No. of awards


1 x Grand Prize per category, Total 6 awardees; & 1 x Winner per sub-category,


1 x Grand Prize per category, Total 6 awardees; & 1 x Winner per sub-category


1 x Grand Prize per category, Total 6 awardees; & 1 x Winner per sub-category


1 x Grand Prize per category, Total 6 awardees; & 1 x Winner per sub-category


1 x Grand Prize per category, Total 6 awardees; & 1 x Winner per sub-category


1 x Grand Prize per category, Total 6 awardees; & 1 x Winner per sub-category

Recruitment Firm

Platinum & Gold per Award, Total 4 awardees, Best of the Best Award, 1 x Winner per category

Team & Individual

Top 5 per Award, Total 10 awardees

Growth & NGO HR of the Year

Total 10 awardees​

Employer of the Year

Top 10, Total 10 awardees

Most Popular Employer​

Top 10, Total 10 awardees

Ms. Amy Ho ⁠Director of Human Resources – Cordis, Hong Kong ⁠Regional Director of Human Resources Operations, Asia – Langham Hospitality Group

Amy is currently the Director of Human Resources at Cordis, Hong Kong, a 5-star luxury hotel located at the heart of Hong Kong’s commercial district and she is also the Regional Director of Human Resources Operations, Asia of Langham Hospitality Group.

She acts as a business partner and execute the full spectrum of HR functions in order to support the successful implementation of various strategies for the hotel and corporate office.

Amy is a seasoned HR professional in the hospitality and tourism industry with over two decades of experience. She has held the position of HR Professional / Director of Human Resources with different hotel groups including Accor Hotels, Swire Hotels and Hyatt. Amy has also been an integral committee member of the Hong Kong Hotels Association since 2015.

Ms. Carrie Leung, MH ⁠Chief Executive Officer ⁠The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers

As the Chief Executive Officer of The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB), Carrie is responsible for driving the ongoing development of competency and professional standards among local banking practitioners.

Prior to joining HKIB, Carrie was Head of Service Quality and Training at one of the note-issuing banks where she acquired extensive experience in building and managing “total quality excellence”. Under her leadership, the bank obtained several highly-regarded industry awards for the quality of its training and customer service.

Carrie also actively participates in the development of Hong Kong Banking Qualifications Framework (QF) which sets the professional standards for industry competency amongst the local banking practitioners.

In addition, Carrie is extensively involved in the education and human capital development of the banking and financial industry in Hong Kong and is a member of numerous committees organised by different government departments and public organisations including the Council of Lingnan University. Of the particular notes, she was appointed as the Council Member of the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ).

Carrie was one of the recipients of the Most Extraordinary Women in Finance Award 2009 from Benchmark Magazine and awarded with the Medal of Honour (MH) by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2018.

Mr. Edward Chan ⁠Head of Industry Partnerships and Career Development, Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Edward leads student career development, entrepreneurship education, and industry partnerships at Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU), Hong Kong’s largest self-financing university with 13,000+ full-time students. 

Edward has held leadership positions in talent development, business development and marketing in corporate, quasi-government and start-up environments spanning industries in Hong Kong, Beijing and Silicon Valley. Before his HKMU role, Edward was Assistant Director of HKSTP InnoAcademy at Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) to attract, nurture and engage talent for Hong Kong’s innovation and technology sector. Passionate about helping young people realize their full potential, Edward has earned a master’s degree in education from the University of Hong Kong.

Mr. Ernest Cheung ⁠Director of Career Development & Training (TPG) ⁠HKU Business School

Ernest is currently Director of Career Development and Training (TPG) team of HKU Business School and is primarily responsible for managing full L&D cycle, employer branding events, and leading the career team to work closely with community and corporate partners, both local and in the region, for all forms of collaboration, particularly in terms of knowledge sharing and talent acquisition. Prior to joining HKU, Ernest held various team management roles in financial institutions.

Ms. Fanny Lau ⁠General Manager – Human Resources ⁠New World Development Company Limited

Fanny has more than 20 years’ experience in human resources sector, including external consulting and in-house HR partitioning. She was the consultant and provided advisory services to hundreds of corporates in different areas, not only in day-to-day HR operation management, but also organization development, recruitment, performance management, learning & development, etc.

She also had corporate and strategy planning experiences and led M&A projects. Not only in Hong Kong, she also worked in the mainland China, Singapore, Vietnam as well as leading projects in Southeast Asia.

She joined the Human Resources Department at New World Development in 2020 and currently she is taking care of HR Transformation, HR Business Partner, Culture, Talent Acquisition, Compensation & Benefits and Learning & Development Teams. Throughout different projects initiated from the group level, she works closely with different business units in New World Group.

Ms. Hester Shum ⁠Group Chief Human Resources Officer ⁠PCCW Group

Hester was appointed as the Group Chief Human Resources Officer for PCCW since July 2019.  She spearheaded the digital HR transformation journey for the Group under the strategy to “Build for scale and Solve for experience” in all talent agendas including talent management & acquisition, total reward as well as employee development for all the businesses under the Group in Hong Kong and 40+ markets globally.

Hester has over 30 years of strategic human resources management experience gained in multiple industries including airline, trading and fortune 100 technology companies.  

Hester holds a Bachelor degree in Arts from Chinese University of Hong Kong, a Master of Management in Human Resources from Macquarie Graduate School of Management.  She is a firm believer of lifelong learning and attended various leadership program including the Executive Leadership Program with MIT Sloan School of Management. 

Ms. Mary Suen ⁠Founder & Executive Chairman ⁠Chief Happiness Officer Association

Mary is passionate about helping individuals, organizations, and communities to learn and grow. With her experiences, she is highly capable of influencing and inspiring creative efforts. She is currently advocating the Chief Happiness Officer Movement in Hong Kong.

Before devoting her time to Chief Happiness Officer Association, Mary was the Senior Director of Corporate Culture & Talent Development at Stan Group (Holdings) Limited who cultivates people to become passionate and self-driven talents through cultural transformation.

Mary believes that Employee Happiness is one of the important business strategies and happiness in the workplace has become a valid concern for both employees and management alike. She aspires to reach the goal by applying a series of values or principles to each interaction with the employee and conveys a unified vision and mission and promotes a happy environment in corporations. She believes that implementing a good psychological wellness programme, employees can bring happiness related extra performance to the corporations. Their happiness will also be spread from the working environment to their families and the community. As a leader, how to create a happy and psychological wellness working environment in every organization and advocate the corporate happiness culture is a very trendy topic.

Mr. Paul Hotchan ⁠Head of Talent Acquisition ⁠The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Paul is a highly skilled professional with over 20 years’ experience in global talent acquisition, workforce planning, and HR management. As the Head of Talent Acquisition at The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC), he leads a team of 26 and oversees executive search, recruitment, and contingent workforce resourcing.

Prior to joining HKJC, Paul served as the Vice President of Recruitment at Galaxy Entertainment Group.

Paul’s career has been characterized by a diverse background across different industries and countries, enabling him to bring a unique perspective to his work. He has a proven track record of training and mentoring high-performing teams, and his expertise lies in developing and implementing innovative processes, driving good governance, and leveraging data-driven insights to optimize business functions and achieve desired outcomes.

Enrollment Details & Timeline

Are you ready to showcase your best work to our judging panel this year? Just follow these steps and our team will contact you to verify all documents shortly.​

Step 1: ⁠Select the categories​​

Step 2: Download the Entry Submission Template to create your proposal.​

*Entries done in any other format will NOT be accepted​

Step 3: ⁠Email your proposal to [email protected] by 30 November 2023.​.​

Entry Fee

  • HK$8,000 per entry


  • All work, campaigns or initiatives must have been launched or active between the eligibility period of 1 November 2022 to 31 October 2023. Entries should reflect results achieved during this period. 

  • All work, campaigns or initiatives must have been conceptualized and carried out in Hong Kong for the Hong Kong market or for a regional and/or global market that includes Hong Kong.

  • Entrants may submit the same works/ campaigns/ initiatives into multiples categories or different works/ campaigns/ initiatives into one category. There is no limit to the number of entries each entrant may submit.  However, when submitting multiple entries, you are strongly recommended to tailor them based on the requirements of each category.


Starting from TODAY

Stage 1/ Nomination Organisations & individuals to recognise the best HR practitioners by submitting one or more nominations.


30 November 2023

Stage 2/ Submission All nominated parties will be required to provide a proposal that demonstrates how they fulfil the criteria.​


1 March 2024

Stage 3/ ScoringA judging panel comprises of HR directors & industry leaders will review the submissions for scoring. 30% of the final results will be determined by public voting.


Late-January 2024

Stage 4/ Result Announcement Submissions with the top scores in each category will win


Early-March 2024

Stage 5/ Awards Ceremony All winners will be announced & celebrated at the highly anticipated gala dinner.


March – April 2024

Stage 6/ Post-event Highlights Through-the-line publicity plan will be carried out in order to arouse public awareness.

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