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大灣區人才招聘服務方案- 頂尖企業跨境網上直播招聘會

《2024年薪酬調查報告》僱主懶人包 必睇5大職場新趨勢

【HR AI工具】盤點8個HR人工智能助手 包辦寫JD、面試、出糧及績效評估

Hiring Hacks

Company Profile

A great company profile on our platform engages the right candidates at the right time with the right message, attracting top talent through a compelling employer value proposition, unique brand personality, and positive employee reviews.

We have enabled the Company Profile feature for your organization, complete with a self-serve function to conveniently manage and enhance your profile for FREE.

Data Express

Actionable market insights at your fingertips

Find out hiring trends in Hong Kong for FREE. Hong Kong’s Compensation & Benefits report is the definitive report to guide your hiring plans.

Candidate Connect

According to the Jobseeker Salary Report 2024, over 36% of employees hold a pessimistic outlook on the job market, with a preference for stability over change in the next three months and expecting longer job search durations.