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WhatsApp Jobseeking Platform

Revolutionize Frontline Recruitment with WhatsApp Job Seeking

Embrace innovation and conquer the challenges of finding exceptional frontline talent. Our game-changing WhatsApp job-seeking solution empowers you to connect directly with relevant candidates in real-time. Elevate your recruitment strategy to unprecedented but direct way and take your recruitment strategy to the next level with WhatsApp job-seeking solution

Key Features

Double job ad exposure

Attracts jobseekers’ attention on both Jobsdb website and WhatsApp Channel

Accurate targeting

Improves hiring efficiency with specific job functions and work districts

Real-time chats and calls

Increases jobseekers’ application intention with tailor-made job-seeking experience

10 Job Categories Available

Food & Beverage

Retail Sales

Logistics & Transportation

Beauty Services, Tourism & Hospitality

Construction & Maintenance

Security & Property Management

Cleaning & Packaging

Medical Care, Social Welfare ⁠


Clerical Work, Reception, Tutoring


Promotion, Sales, Customer Service


3 simple steps for jobseekers to reach out

Step 1

Scan the QR code and start the conversation in WhatsApp

Step 2

Choose the desired work district and job function with the corresponding number or search jobs by entering keywords

Step 3

Directly contact with the employers for available job positions

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