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Laws of Attraction - Latest recruitment trends in Hong Kong

Laws of Attraction

​What really attracts Hong Kong candidates

Hire with Precision. Thrive with Passion.​

Finding talent is no easy job, let alone getting the right talent on board. We are here to help: The Laws of Attraction is your gateway into insights drawn from JobsDB's comprehensive study of nearly 6,000 local candidates across 20 industries.

Passionate employees are the core of your business—that is why we have built this powerful tool to help uncover the very key drivers that motivate candidates at work and the strategies to inspire their passion.

Discover how you can precisely attract and hire your best talent with Laws of Attraction portal developed by JobsDB, your ultimate talent partner.

Explore the Laws of Attraction

Our interactive and dynamic data exploration tool allows you to dive into the data and compare candidate segments. Discover specific insights to solve your unique recruitment challenges in Hong Kong.

About Laws of Attraction

As Hong Kong’s leading recruitment expert for over two decades, JobsDB offers unrivalled access into the most insightful and reliable resources for hirers: market employment trends, understanding of candidates and a market leading candidate pool of 2 million.

Yet as the competition in the talent market continues to thrive, so do we.

Developed by JobsDB, Laws of Attraction is Hong Kong’s largest recruitment study with nearly 6,000 sample candidates surveyed across 20 industries and job functions to identify their key motivators at work that spark their passion. This is where you will find precise insights into what drives a candidate to a role, as well as how you can attract targeted groups via the handy interactive portal.

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