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Digital Marketing workshop for SME

Digital Marketing workshop for SME

Exploring the competencies a digital marketing professional should possess nowadays

Thanks to the digital marketing, business can now promote their brand to the public with a more down-to-earth approach. While most of the organizations are keen to get their voice out through online channels, not all of them know how.

In view of this, JobsDB organised a workshop on 9 May 2017 to provide hirers with the essential knowledges. Ms. Mandy Law, Channel Partner Manager of Google, Ms. Sandy Ho, CEO of New iMedia Solution Limited, and Ms. Mimi Ng from JobsDB had shared on the workshop the latest digital marketing landscape and tips on hiring the suitable professionals to perform the jobs.

The workshop started by introducing the current recruitment landscape, job seeker’s behavior and ways to attract attention from them. It then went into exploring the consumer behavior that every marketer should know, followed by how to leverage Google data to make informed marketing decisions and to grow businesses with Google marketing solutions. In the second session, the speakers discussed the pros and cons of managing the ad platform inhouse or with an agency. Both methods require a professional to manage, so the workshop went on to explain how to assess a job applicant’s qualification to the job.

In future, JobsDB will continue to organize information sharing sessions for hirers regularly. You may find out our latest events by subscribing to the JobsDB corporate enews.

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